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But why not?

daigonite responds:

Kyle disapproves. That's why.

kyle kyle

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Really nice! You should should show Kyle himse- oh... shit... nevermind.

Anyhow, I'm always happy to see your submissions, they're always so wonderful! Your animation style and your drawing styles are unique and yet, different from one another. For THIS picture, I did find some... weird, errors on the picture, unless they're intentional, or maybe Newgrounds flubbed up. I really can't tell. Don't worry, from a distance, it look nice. Sorry if this "review" is a little too mean, or stupid or whatever, I'm not good with words... or anything.

Weird blob 1:

Weird blob 2:

Lay Lay

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I always find your artwork to be so beautiful... well, when you are trying to be beautiful, I mean... I wouldn't put something like Juve into that category, that's just something I'm not intelligent enough to put together. But, that's a separate piece of artwork all together. So, I have no idea who the character is, not because it's a bad drawing, but because I just don't know shit. I think having the ignorance of not knowing WHAT it is makes it all the better, so I'm not judging you on the person, but more on the drawing.
[Please excuse me, it's late at night, and I lose control of right and wrong]
And as I said how you do beautiful drawings, for the picture of Mark [NOT Juve, the other one], the rigged feel of the picture... you know what, I can't use word properly. LET ME JUST WRAP THIS UP AND SAY I LOVE THIS AND ALL YOUR OTHER WORKS! ALSO, BIRDS.
Wait, I'm supposed to be reviewing THIS piece of art, not you as in a total. You know, I should really shut up and get some sleep now. Good job! goodnight! Doughnuts!

daigonite responds:


How 2 draw a shark How 2 draw a shark

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The way that simple lines can be put in certain ways to produce an image you can understand and recognize is astonishing in both the human mental mind and the mind of the artist himself or herself. The detail that needs to be put into an masterpiece like this is only hard on the mental points of your right brain that handle creativity, because media is ruining our right brains to come up with things themselves. But you, you have creativity that is still thriving, and I say CHERISH that creativity, and have fun. Don't let people bring you down for low 'quality' as they call it, laugh in their faces because they don't know how to be creative themselves! BRAVO, MR-SHARK!
*cough* Also, can I borrow a jar of virtual paint?

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Krahs responds:

Thank you very much, my supply of virtual paint is always open to you.

Mario in Action Mario in Action

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[That's it, just rub it in my face I can't draw on the computer due to lack of programs and patience...]
This is a very well done drawing that really depicts the movement and emotion that was aimed for in the thinking process of this piece of artistic material. In other words, well done. Needs more bloating of the Mario, I don't feel he's bloated enough.

cat cat

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yes... cat... simple, yet so specific at the same time. so much meaning from three letters, yet, a simple one too... I don't get it.

dance dance

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The only thing that could make this happier...

Is to make it PIXELATED! Oh... wait... I already did that... me and my pixels, where would I be without my pixels...?
oh, wait, this is a review, yeah, uhm... nice job, keep up the work... er something.

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Turkey Self Portrait Turkey Self Portrait

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One problem

A turkey has feathers... not fingers... it would be pretty hard to trace.

And the link is missing- whoops, that slipped out.

The Banter Tank The Banter Tank

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k' then...I have no isea what this is about...yeah...


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Good, but maby just a litle lighter. I know that it was ment to be dark, but I still want to see it!

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MajorBanter responds:

Problem is that most people crank up thier monitors to 'ultra-bright' mode, and a ton of bad shading work appears. Keeping it dark generally looks better for the majority.